Iowa vs. Florida and Massachusetts, part 1

Here is how Iowa compares to Florida and Massachusetts in the 2009 NAEP 4th grade reading assessment for all students and some of the reported subgroups.

–                            IA        FL        MA

All                        221     226*    234*

Male                     217     223*    231*

Female                 226     229      236*

White                   224     233*    241*

Black                    203     211      216*

Hispanic                207     223*    211

Low Income          208     217*    215*

w/ Disabilities        172     204*    211*

ELL                       195     205      198

These scores suggest we should be investigating how Florida and Massachusetts are getting better results from their students than we are.  Note the enormous discrepancy in scores for students with disabilities.  Why is Iowa 32 and 39 points behind?  Iowa students with disabilities score significantly lower than students with disabilities in thirty-nine other states, and their scores are not significantly different than those of students with disabilities in the remaining ten states.

* denotes a score significantly higher than Iowa’s.


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