NCLB Waiver Application

The Iowa Department of Education has released its NCLB waiver application (available here).

The ESEA Flexibility Request is 128 pages.  I’m only about half way through, but this document has the details missing from the Education Blueprint.

Just a few observations so far:

  • It appears the Education Blueprint recommendations were crafted with an eye towards applying for the NCLB waiver.
  • The DE is committed to switching to Smarter Balanced Assessments even though Iowa has not evaluated technology and infrastructure readiness for computer adaptive testing and the Smarter Balanced Assessment test items will not be field-tested until spring 2014.
  • Everyone needs an editor.  Please do not find yourself in the position of claiming to hold high academic standards for all students while failing to competently proofread a document you plan to submit to the US Department of Education.
  • If you popped over from A Blog About School, jump to page 80 to see that the DE plans to focus on statewide implementation of PBIS.

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