HF 2380 Debate [updated]

Update: The House passed HF 2380 this morning by a vote of 53-46, after one final technical correction amendment (H-8261).

Update 2:  No Democrats voted in favor of passage; seven Republicans voted against passage: Alons (Sioux), De Boef (Keokuk), Klein (Washington), Massie (Warren), Pearson (Polk), Schultz (Crawford), and Shaw (Pocahontas).

The House debated amendments to HF2380 for almost seven hours.  I stopped counting amendments after thirty; many were withdrawn.  The House began debating amended HF 2380 then recessed until 8 am Wednesday.

The debate included extensive discussion of the automatic third grade retention policy and the 3.0 GPA requirements for teachers.  Other issues discussed included competency-based education, DE waiver authority, assessments, charter schools, and online learning.

Amendments Adopted

H-8141 [98-0] by T. Olson (D-Linn) on competency-based education.

H-8199 [98-0] by Winckler (D-Scott) on Iowa Core Curriculum study.  Would add fine arts, applied arts, humanities, physical education, and world languages to the Iowa Core.

H-8175 [voice vote] by Raecker (R-Polk) on Iowa Core including building capacities that address research-based and data-driven intentional cultures of safety and engagement, competencies for positive behaviors, competencies for deeper learning, and college, career, and citizenship readiness.

H-8180 [63-35] by J. Taylor (R-Woodbury) on religious exemptions from Iowa Core, end-of-course exams, and using the state job posting site, for accredited non-public schools.

H-8176 [93-0] by Chambers (R-O’Brien) on reverting back to current law if choose not to move forward with a statewide teacher and administrator evaluation system.

H-8185 [voice vote] by J. Taylor (R-Woodbury) on requiring State Board approval to disburse grants from the innovation fund.

H-8216 Division B [61-37] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) on increasing voluntary preschool from ten hours to fifteen hours per week.

H-8198 [98-0] by Winckler (D-Scott) on providing weighted funding for AP Online courses.

H-8178 [voice vote] by Chambers (R-O’Brien) on striking the provision for the state to retain ten percent of professional development funding as it was decided not to require statewide professional development.

H-8153 [voice vote] by Willems (D-Linn) on AP performance funding to provide payment to school districts based on students taking AP courses and scoring a 3 or higher on the AP exam.

H-8196 (amended by H-8240) [voice vote] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) on requiring parents who voluntarily enroll a child in kindergarten to comply with compulsory education laws.  Parents could choose to remove the child from voluntary kindergarten.

H-8154 [voice vote] by Isenhart (D-Dubuque) on requiring secondary counselors to take a course on career counseling and exploration.

H-8181 (amended by H-8217 and H-8237) [voice vote] by Chambers (R-O’Brien) on adding back in the 3.0 GPA requirements, extending student teaching by three weeks, providing alternate route to licensure, and establishing school administrative manager.  The 3.0 GPA requirement was struck by amendment [77-19].

H-8191 (amended by H-8241)[voice vote] by Byrnes (R-Mitchell) on creating a remediation council to help students transition into post-secondary education.

H-8179 (amended by H-8249)[voice vote] by Chambers (R-O’Brien) on adding back in online learning provisions with a cap on total online student enrollment.  Amendment caps enrollment to approximately 900 students and adds the Senate online initiative language.

Amendments Lost

H-8204 [39-57] by Hanson (D-Jefferson) on equalizing school transportation costs.

H-8202 [39-59] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on creating non-competitive innovation fund grants.

H-8200 [36-59] by Winckler (D-Scott) on restricting department director waiver authority.

H-8189 (amended by H-8248)[voice vote] by Winckler (D-Scott) on changing assessment provisions.  The Mascher amendment would have allowed the State Board to authorize payment to students earning high scores on on standardized exams to encourage students to take the tests seriously.

H-8207 [voice vote] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on striking provisions amending the charter school law.

H-8214 (amended by H-8230)[37-59] by Winckler (D-Scott) on creating a family literacy initiative and eliminate automatic third grade retention.

H-8210 [voice vote] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) on reducing K-3 class sizes.

H-8212 [36-59] by Willems (D-Linn) on increasing use of regional academies by allowing certain school district funds to be spent outside district boundaries.

H-8208 [39-59] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) on requiring the state to cover the costs of all mandates contained in the bill.

H-8201 [37-61] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on limiting online coursework to fifty percent of, or twenty percent for open-enrolled students.  Online coursework exceeding fifty percent will be considered HSAP.

I just want to finish by noting that the Iowa House has provided excellent tools for transparency.  Audio and video live streaming of debates and votes is available as is nearly real time updating of House Floor Action with links to bills and amendments under consideration.