SF 2284 Debate [updated]

Update:  The QC Times reports that a vote on SF 2284 was deferred due to the absence of Senator Horn (D-Linn).

The Senate debated amendments to SF 2284 this afternoon and began debate on amended SF 2284 before adjourning for the day.

Debate topics included the need to hold the Department of Education accountable for spending on various programs over the years that have not resulted in higher student achievement, the need to empower parents, online learning, last in, first out layoffs, probationary periods for teachers, alternative credentialing for teachers, and whether Iowa schools were really in need of much reform.

Amendments Adopted

S-5166 (as amended by S-5169) [voice vote] by Quirmbach (D-Story) on making a variety of changes to SF 2284 including: adopting the House language on creating a competency based education task force, adopting the House approach to character education, striking the parent advocacy network, scaling back teacher collaboration time to four hours per month, limiting online learning to fifty percent or less of student course work unless an exception applies, reducing funding for full-time online learning to .3 (same as home school assistance program weighting), modifying automatic third grade retention to include parents and consider student performance in other subject areas, striking mandatory ninety-minute blocks of literacy instruction, striking sunset provisions for class size reduction, scaling back the instructional time pilot project, striking the parent liaison counselor provision, and adding a pilot program for teacher coaches.  S-5169 involved minor corrections to apply online learning exceptions to open enrolled students.

Amendments Lost

S-5174 [21-25] by McKinley (R-Lucas) on striking the entire bill and replacing it with a five page bill establishing several commissions.

S-5175 [14-31] by McKinley (R-Lucas) on establishing standards for and assessments of Department of Education performance and establishing a school tuition credit program.

S-5177 [21-25] by Kettering (R-Sac) on amending S-5166 to strike language restricting online course work.

S-5172 [22-24] by Ward (R-Polk) on ending LIFO (last in, first out) layoffs.

S-5180 [21-25] by Hammerlinck (R-Scott) on extending probationary periods for teachers and administrators to five years.

S-5176 [21-25] by Chelgren (R-Wapello) on alternative credentialing for teachers and administrators.