While We Wait

While we wait for Governor Branstad to sign (or not sign) SF 2284 and for news about Iowa’s ESEA Flexibility (NCLB) Waiver (beyond this May 17th tweet from Director Glass: “@CarlaWood5 pending legislation troubling for our chances for#NCLB waiver. Not ideal for approval…”), I recommend checking out guest bloggers Michael Lopez and Diana Senechal over at Joanne Jacobs.

Diana Senechal on student engagement at The Danielson Framework: what is engagement?

Diana Senechal on centralized versus local control at Centralization is to decentralization as Scylla is to . . .

Michael Lopez on differentiated instruction at What matters is what we call it.

Michael Lopez on educational technology at Give me 6 benches, a stick, and a clear patch of dirt.

Diana Senchal and Michael Lopez are guest blogging for twelve days–check back at Joanne Jacobs for new posts from them in the next week (and check older posts for other guest posts I haven’t linked to here).