Education Summit 2.0

The Branstad administration announced today that it will be hosting another education summit.  This year the education summit will be called the Iowa Teacher and Principal Leadership Symposium and will be held at Drake University on Friday, August 3rd.

You can register for the event here ($30 registration fee).  Registration is open to the public (parents are welcome, but I will note that at last year’s education summit, my father-in-law and I did not meet anyone else who was not an educator, school board member, or elected official).

You can find the event sponsors here.

If you have been wondering what the Branstad administration’s next legislative proposal on education might look like, it looks like the answer is focused on teacher leadership.  In other words, it looks like we will be revisiting the teacher compensation, evaluation, and mentor/master teacher program proposals that did not survive public comment on The Blueprint or this year’s legislative session.

The agenda is here and speaker biographies here.

So here’s a brief look at what we are likely to be hearing about for the next year:

What we can learn from other countries:  There will be a panel on “Leadership Lessons From Around the Globe” and attendees will be hearing from Marc Tucker, President of the National Center on Education and the Economy and author of Surpassing Shanghai, on the topic of “Better Than We Used to Do Is Not Good Enough.”  [See this post for a link to a review of Surpassing Shanghai by Jay P. Greene.]

TAP TM, the System for Teacher and Student Advancement, which is based on four elements: multiple career paths (career, mentor, and master teachers); ongoing applied professional growth (teacher collaboration); instructionally focused accountability (teacher evaluation system); and, performance based compensation (pay based on roles and responsibilities of the teacher, performance of the teacher, and performance of the students).

“Expanding Peer Coaching and Evaluation” (by The Toledo Plan panel).  The Toledo Plan has been described by Homeroom, the Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Education as “a peer review process that uses master teachers to guide and support the professional development of a newly hired probationary teacher or a non-probationary teacher who needs assistance.”

“School Improvement Leaders Make a Difference” (by the Des Moines Panel).

“Alternative Salary Schedule and Other Advances in Teacher Leadership” (by the Cedar Rapids Panel).

If anyone knows what specific programs the Des Moines or Cedar Rapids panels might be presenting, please leave a comment.