Praxis Changes 2

The rule changes for Chapter 79 have been adopted.  (Find them at Tab B here).

Prospective teachers will now have to score above the the twenty-fifth percentile nationally on Praxis II pedagogy and content exams to obtain an Iowa license.  The Education Testing Services website appears to have up to date information on which two tests are required for each of the licensure areas here.

The Gazette article indicates that there is also a performance-based assessment being developed for fall 2013.  The background section of the Chapter 79 document indicates that the performance-based assessment would be an alternative to the Praxis II testing requirements:

Upon entrance to a preparation program, students will now be required to take a preprofessional skills test from a nationally recognized testing service instead of the broader basic skills test that was previously required.  Upon completion of the program students must take, subject to the director’s approval, an assessment designed by a nationally recognized testing service that measures pedagogy and knowledge in at least one subject area; or a valid and reliable subject-area-specific, performance-based assessment for preservice teacher candidates.

The rules for performance-based assessments will be developed later.

The requirements can be found at the Iowa Department of Education website here.


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    1. Karen W Post author

      No doubt. It’s funny you mentioned Jargonland. I attended a Montessori conference this weekend. One of the topics was moving away from Montessori jargon when we talk about Montessori with others so we don’t reinforce misconceptions that we are weirdos or odd or whatever. You can imagine my reaction when audience members suggested “Montessori is brain-based” and “Montessori is evidence-based” as alternatives.

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