Time in School 3

The Iowa Department of Education has pre-filed a bill to change the minimum school year from 180 days (at 5.5 hours of instructional time per day or 990 hours) to 1080 hours of instructional time.  [Note that this works out to 180 days at six hours of instruction per day or an additional sixteen days of school at 5.5 hours of instruction per day.]

The bill would also redefine instructional time to exclude parent-teacher conferences.

Senator Johnson (R-Osceola) has also pre-filed a bill to create parent empowerment petitions to allow fifty percent of parents at certain schools to ask the district to implement one of four school intervention models: turnaround, charter, closure, or transformation.


One thought on “Time in School 3

  1. Chris Liebig

    I’ve been complaining for years that education policy has been almost completely removed from meaningful democratic control, but these “parent trigger” proposals are a total fraud. The state imposes its own approach to education – one that elevates raising standardized test scores at all costs – on all the districts. Now it’s going to say that if you’re unhappy, it will allow you to choose one of four plans they’d like you to take – all of them high on the right-wing reform agenda, and none of which would exempt you from the high-stakes testing regime? That’s not empowerment.

    If these legislators wanted to give something more than lip service to the idea of empowerment and local control, they’d opt out of No Child Left Behind and give local districts much more latitude to pursue their own educational values. Why they think they are in a better position to reflect community values than local school board members who are elected solely to deal with educational issues is an enduring mystery. “We have more power than you; therefore we are wiser than you,” appears to be the only theory at work.

    Full thoughts here and here.

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