Calculator Use

Someone arrived at the blog by way of the search term “is using a calculator part of iowa core for math.”

I think they may have found their answer in a prior post, but I wanted to add that parents should be aware of two things.

First, that Iowa Administrative Code 281-12.5(3)(c), 12.5(4)(c), and 12.5(c)(1) and (2) require that “[c]alculators and computers shall be used in concept development and problem solving.”  This applies to mathematics instruction at the elementary school level in addition to the junior high and high school levels.

Second, that the University of Iowa recommends paper and pencil proficiency in arithmetic with integers and fractions:

[S]tudents at the K-12 level should have plentiful and continuous exposure to computation in the absence of calculators so that their skills are strong enough for the acquisition of algebra and more advanced skills.