Promise Diploma Seals

Apparently I missed this for the legislative preview:

Here’s a link to the Edutopia article on portfolio defense style assessment.

Frankly, I’m not convinced that this is a huge improvement over having classroom teachers assess student papers, projects, exams, and oral presentations or that it adds much value above transcripts and ACT/SAT scores for determining college readiness.*  Is it even feasible for every school to arrange panels like these for each student, especially ones with large graduating classes?

*College readiness, of course, is worthy of a blog post of its own.  Ivy League ready or state university ready?  English Department ready or College of Engineering ready?


One thought on “Promise Diploma Seals

  1. Karen W Post author

    I suppose what I’m getting at, in a sense, is why are the teachers’ assessments of the student’s work valued when they sit in a panel but not valued when they assessed the individual pieces of work that make up the student’s portfolio as classroom teachers?

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