Smarter Balanced Assessments 11

Everybody is a designer.

It seems that the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is working on designing a score reporting system and will be asking potential users to participate in a survey sometime this month.

The document linked above provides suggestions for how teachers, students, parents, administrators, and members of the general public might use the system and questions to think about prior to participating in the survey.

A few immediate reactions:

There seems to be an unwritten assumption that teachers are flying blind in the classroom. How could they possibly know what their students can or can’t do until they get their Smarter Balanced Assessment results back?  As I have noted previously, my teachers collected and reviewed homework, gave quizzes and unit tests, asked questions during class, and assigned other written and oral reports.  My suspicion is that there were very few surprises when the standardized test score reports arrived.

They are trying to encourage students to log into the reporting system regularly and make some use of it.  (Nicholas J–I think there’s a blog post in this for you some where!)  This seems to presuppose the use of the interim testing options as well as the summative assessment (which would be the assessment required for accountability purposes if the legislature authorized such a move).  It also seems premised on the idea that students should also be data-driven in their approach to school and as obsessed with the results as  some of the adults are.

There seems to be an assumption that parents aren’t otherwise getting reliable information from their child’s teachers/school about the child’s academic progress.

It is assumed that administrators need a good score reporting system so that they can focus on . . . improving scores.

And just because I actually laughed out loud when I read it: “As a member of the General Public, well-designed assessment reports help me: . . . . 3. Hold elected officials accountable for student progress in my schools”.

I don’t see a specific date for that survey yet, but I’ll put up another post if I hear about it while it is still possible to participate.