Quantity and Quality

An early Blogathon Challenge recap . . .

We’re more than halfway through the A Blog About School Blogathon Challenge!

So far my most well-received post was the one written Day One, when I decided to take on the Blogathon Challenge on a whim: Same Page/Same Side (so it’s been all downhill since then for this blog!).

My most controversial post seems to have been my defense of Cookbook Labs.

Highlights so far include:

NorthTOmom’s series of posts on Teachers: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (plus the Sexy!)

Good natured debate with Nicholas J and seeing that he has been tweeted more than once by Scott McLeod during the Blogathon Challenge–they are listening to at least one student.

Live your life, live your life, live your life from Billy and Dad’s Music Emporium.

Chris’s failure to “demonstrate that quantitative goals always come with qualitative costs.”

. . . and thoughts on this blog.

Posting daily has been quite the challenge, in part, because it is easy to feel like a broken record most days.  Some themes that have emerged (at least in my thinking, if not clearly on this blog):

  • I am a proponent of local control of public schools.  I have yet to see anyone make a compelling case for concentrating decision-making power over public schools at the state or federal level.
  • I am a proponent of Montessori education and public Montessori programs.
  • I have yet to see anyone make a compelling case for standardization to the extent we are moving towards now.
  • The solution to high-stakes testing isn’t “better” tests; the solution is to restore local control and the political accountability of local school boards.
  • There is a problem with elementary reading instruction in Iowa, but we’re apparently not really going to talk about it.