The Prepared Environment

The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment designed to offer students a variety of works in the curricular areas of language arts, mathematics, practical life, cultural and physical geography, history, astronomy, chemistry, botany, physics, zoology, sensorial, art, music and movement.

Beauty and order are valued attributes in a Montessori environment.  Rather than bright primary colors and brightly-colored posters or bulletin boards, Montessori classrooms generally have neutral walls and furnishings and are decorated with a few well-chosen pieces of art.  This creates a sense of peacefulness and helps to draw the children’s attention to the Montessori materials.

The Montessori materials and other works are designed to be attractive to the children and are displayed on low shelves, accessible to the children, around the room and arranged by curricular area.  The room will contain appropriately sized furniture for the age of the children using the classroom (I understand Dr. Montessori was a pioneer in child-sized school furniture) and also open spaces where the children may gather or lay out their work on rugs.