Reflections on the Blogathon Challenge

Thanks to Chris at A Blog About School for issuing the Blogathon Challenge and thanks to Nicholas J for unofficially joining us.

It was exhausting but most days it was helpful to have the pressure of a deadline to just sit down and get a post published, although I think I proved Chris’s point that quantity can come at a cost of quality, even though he didn’t.  In any case, hats off to all the bloggers who routinely manage to post daily–it’s a lot of work.

Some things I’ve learned:

To trust the publish later feature on this blog.

A bit about Twitter.

Penelope Trunk is on to something.  Cookbook Labs was far more controversial than I’d realized it would be and easily received the most page views of all of the Blogathon posts.

That this blog doesn’t fit squarely into a particular blog type.  I’m a parent but not primarily blogging about my own children, the school/district my child attends, or home schooling, I’m a lawyer but not a blawger, etc.

To plan ahead next time I take up a blogging challenge.

So, a sincere thank you to both regular readers and those who drop in following a search or a link.  I hope that most of you find something of interest here.


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    1. Karen W Post author

      Thanks! I think too often parents tend to talk amongst themselves and educators tend to talk amongst themselves–it’s great when we can hear and consider other perspectives. I appreciate that you take the time to comment here.

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