HF 215 Debate [updated]

Update: HF 215 passed on a vote of 51-44 this morning.

Update: Official vote is now 52-44.

After over five hours of debate, the House deferred on voting on HF215 tonight.  In recess until 8:30am Wednesday.

The debate included discussion of allowable growth, funding, minimum teaching salaries, the nineteen new FTE positions created at the DE at a cost of $1.6 million, private schools and home school instruction, concerns about career pathways pulling best teachers from the classroom, preschool, and whether parents can teach their own children to drive safely in a car without dual controls.

Amendments Adopted

H-1014 [97-0] by Soderberg (R-Plymouth) to set 2% state aid for FY2014 and 2015 and changes allowable growth to supplemental state aid.  Amendments to the amendment H-1048 by Wood (D-Scott) and H-1047 by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) lost [45-52].

H-1043 as amended [voice vote] by Jorgensen (R-Woodbury) on differentiating teacher performance into four tiers and to assign letter grades to school performance classification rankings (A+, A, B, C, D, and D-).  Amendments to the amendment H-1051 by Jorgensen (R-Woodbury) on allowing the Iowa Assessments to be replaced by the Smarter Balanced Assessments and H-1052 by Dolecheck (R-Ringgold) on transportation assistance adopted [voice vote].

H-1015 [voice vote] by Jorgensen (R-Woodbury) on technical amendments.

H-1020 [51-46] by Windschitl (R-Harrison) on exempting some home school families from Competent Private Instruction reporting requirements.

H-1016 as amended [voice vote] by Dolecheck (R-Ringgold) on independent accreditation of nonpublic schools.  Amendments to the amendment H-1049 by Dolecheck (R-Ringgold) on withdrawing inadvertently included section on driver education courses.

H-1019 [voice vote] by Byrnes (R-Mitchell) on home rule for local school districts.

H-1021 [voice vote] by Dolecheck (R-Ringgold) on establishing and defining independent private instruction.

H-1022 [voice vote] by Windschitl (R-Harrison) on allowing home school parents to teach driver education course to their own children.

Amendments Lost

H-1023 [withdrawn] by Wood (D-Scott) on setting minimum teaching salary at $45,000.

H-1024 [45-52] by Winckler (D-Scott) on funding minimum teaching salary and setting minimum teaching salary at $35,000.

H-1025 [withdrawn] by Wood (D-Scott) on setting minimum teaching salary at $40,000.

H-1017 [44-52] by Winckler (D-Scott) on School In Need of Assistance grant program to create pilot projects for non-proficient students which may include longer school days, longer school years, summer school, or intensive reading and math programs.

H-1018 [withdrawn] by Forristall (R-Pottawattamie) on establishing an Education Savings Grant program.  Annual grants equal to state foundation aid per pupil for qualified education expenses for K-12 accredited nonpublic school and Competent Private Instruction students.  Unspent funds can be saved and used for higher education expenses until pupil is twenty-five years of age.

H-1039 [not germane] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) and Staed (D-Linn) on expansion of the four-year-old preschool program.

H-1045 [42-52] by Winckler (D-Scott) on performance-based assessment option, removing the requirement that teacher preparation candidates score above the 25th percentile nationally on the Praxis, and establishing a council on pathways to licensure.

H-1033 as amended [44-52] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on establishing the Iowa Learning Online initiative within the area education agencies instead of within the DE.  Amendment to the amendment H-1050 by Mascher (D-Johnson) on eliminating the new evaluation system, on restoring peer review to teacher evaluations, establishes a teacher advisory committee, and striking the attendance center performance ranking system adopted [voice vote].

H-1029 [voice vote] by Winckler (D-Scott) on striking the Teach Iowa Scholar Program and replacing with a loan forgiveness program for Iowa teachers in high-demand areas.

H-1044 [46-51] Kajtazovic (D-Black Hawk) on striking the Teach Iowa marketing and public outreach initiative, Teach Iowa student teaching pilot program, and appropriations for certificate of distinction program and educator development system and redirecting the appropriations to supplemental assistance for high-need schools.  Redirecting money from the administration in Des Moines to the classroom.

H-1030 [voice vote] by Hanson (D-Jefferson) on specifying that the Iowa State Education Association has a seat on several councils established by the bill.

H-1032 [not germane] by Winckler (D-Scott) on establishing an Iowa Common Core Standards implementation plan workgroup.

H-1040 [voice vote] by Wood (D-Scott) on establishing professional development on changes in the evaluation system and requiring a statewide survey on the effectiveness of the DE and the Director of the DE.

H-1035 [withdrawn] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on striking Division iv of the bill (teacher and administrator development system).

H-1027 [out of order] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) and Staed (D-Linn) on setting allowable growth at four percent.

H-1031 [voice vote] by Winckler (D-Scott) on something about probationary periods of mentor teachers.

H-1036 [withdrawn] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on restoring peer review to teacher evaluations.

H-1042 [withdrawn] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on replacing site based review councils for selecting mentor teachers with a teacher advisory committee.

H-1037 [withdrawn] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on striking the attendance center performance rankings and the performance index.

H-1028 [voice vote] by Winckler (D-Scott) on making an appropriation for the Competency-Based Education Task Force.

H-1041 [withdrawn] by Mascher (D-Johnson) on requiring school districts to implement nationally recommended staffing ratios for guidance counselors, librarians, and nurses.

H-1026 [not germane] by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) on extending the Iowa Early Intervention Block Grant for five more years.

H-1034 [withdrawn] by Winckler (D-Scott).

H-1038 [withdrawn] by Abdul-Samad (D-Polk) on establishing a foreign language requirement for students in grades one through six.


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