Bacon-Wrapped Wrap Up

I dropped in for several hours of the Bacon-Wrapped Lessons Workshop this morning.  I actually wasn’t on the sidelines for long before I was welcomed into a group.  There were a lot of great conversations happening today and a lot of great questions being asked.  (For example, how can we convince students that the learning matters more than the grades if we keep giving them grades?)  Be sure to check out the website and the conversation on Twitter at the #iabwl hashtag.

The workshop today had me thinking about Liping Ma’s description of Chinese math teachers studying and working together to improve their teaching of mathematics in Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics.  This kind of opportunity for teachers to discuss with other teachers what hasn’t worked as well as they would have liked in teaching particular topics and to share and develop ideas for how to teach those topics seems to me a much more promising path to improving student outcomes than more top down initiatives and more standardized assessments.


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