Legislative Update 3/12

The Senate Education Committee education reform bill (SSB 1228) has been renumbered as SF 423.

The Iowa House Republicans have a list of bills in the House that survived the first funnel deadline.  The list shows sixteen education bills survived, including, of course HF 215, but also:

HF 352–Instructional Days to Hours.  This bill would change the 180 day requirement to 1080 hours and would exclude parent-teacher conferences from the definition of instructional time.

HF 454–Department of Education Code Clean-up.  Among other changes, the bill changes the required subjects for high school equivalency diplomas by striking arts and writing and adding literacy.  Amendment H-1068 has been filed to add financial literacy as a required subject too.

HSB 196–Anti-Bullying Bill.

HF 309–Instate Tuition for Returning Iowans.  Amending the qualifications to obtain in-state resident tuition to include people who graduated from accredited Iowa high schools or who previously attended an Iowa community college or state university with a resident classification.

HF 341–Declaration of Independence in High School Curriculum.  Would add the Declaration of Independence as a required topic in high school government courses.

HF 401–Peace Officers as Driver’s Education Instructors.  Would allow peace officers and retired peace officers to qualify to become classroom driver education instructors.  Currently, only persons holding a valid teaching license with a driver’s education endorsement may qualify.