A Few Links

Diana Senechal and Michael E. Lopez are back as guest bloggers at Joanne Jacobs’ blog.  Diana Senechal has posts so far on the emphasis on relevance and fun in education and the listening deficit.  Michael Lopez has a post on grammar.  There will be more from both of them.  They will be guest blogging for the next week.

The Spring 2013 University of Virginia Magazine has an article about Dan Willingham’s work which also features quotes from Scott McLeod.  Willingham’s work focuses on how science can help inform educational practices and debunking persistent educational myths.  This article touches on the factual knowledge versus critical thinking skills debate (critical thinking is dependent upon knowing facts) and offers a defense of low-stakes standardized testing:

“There are no good tests for critical or creative thinking,” Willingham says.  “But we can test factual knowledge pretty well.  Success in those should be seen as an indicator of a higher potential for critical thinking.”

The article also offers a sidebar addressing a few other common educational myths.