SF 423 Debate [updated]

The Senate debated SF 423 today.  After several hours of debate, SF 423 as amended passed on a vote of 26-23.

Amendments Adopted

S-3072 [30-18] by Quirmbach (D-Story) on allowing instruction time to be counted in days or hours.

S-3066 as amended [voice vote] by Quirmbach (D-Story) on striking and replacing the career path, teacher leadership roles, and compensation sections.  Amendments to the amendment S-3069 by Quirmbach (D-Story) making some technical changes adopted [voice vote].  Amendments to the amendment S-3081 by Boettger (R-Shelby) on striking the section on minimum salaries and striking the Iowa teacher career path model [out of order] and S-3079 by Feenstra (R-Sioux) on striking and replacing the composition of the commission on educator leadership and compensation lost [22-26].

S-3071 [voice vote] by Ernst (R-Montgomery) on establishing a parent liaison counselor pilot program.

Amendments Lost

S-3068 [withdrawn] by Zaun (R-Polk) on repeal of the department of education and the state board of education and to establish an education savings grant program.

S-3084 [22-26] by Ernst (R-Montgomery) on striking and replacing the bill with a different education reform proposal.

S-3083 [not germane] by Chelgren (R-Wapello) on requiring the auditor to conduct a biennial review of the Iowa early intervention block grant program.

S-3073 [not germane] by Sorenson (R-Warren) on requiring school districts to develop and implement an emergency management plan that would include a requirement that school employees with a valid permit to carry weapons shall be authorized to carry a weapon on school grounds.

S-3077 [not germane] by Feenstra (R-Sioux) on tax credits and appropriations for nonpublic school textbooks and transportation costs.

S-3074 [not germane] by Chapman (R-Dallas) on not including procedures for staff reductions within the scope of negotiations, not considering seniority and academic degrees in setting compensation or making other staffing decisions, excluding standards of performance from mandatory negotiations, basing salaries and staffing decisions on the results of annual performance reviews, and on removing seniority as a basis for reduction in force decision-making.

S-3075 [not germane] by Boettger (R-Shelby) on amending the charter school law.

S-3076 [not germane] by Behn (R-Boone) on establishing an education savings grant program.

S-3078 [not germane] by Sinclair (R-Wayne) on prohibiting the use of resident tuition for student aid purposes and reducing resident tuition by the amount previously set aside from resident tuition for student aid purposes.

S-3080 [22-26] by Anderson (R-Woodbury) on removing the requirement that curriculum received by telecommunication be supervised by a licensed teacher if the curriculum is taught by an appropriately licensed teacher at the location at which the telecommunications originates.

S-3082 [22-26] by Sinclair (R-Wayne) on establishing a value-added assessment system to provide for multivariate longitudinal analysis of annual student test scores.

S-3088 [not germane] by Guth (R-Hancock) on exempting some home school families from Competent Private Instruction reporting requirements.

Update: Apparently I missed an interesting exchange between Senators Quirmbach and Sinclair regarding Sinclair’s amendment S-3082.  Radio Iowa reports that “Quirmbach sparked outrage from Republicans for the way he questioned Senator Amy Sinclair earlier in the evening during debate of proposed amendments to the senate bill.”  Radio Iowa reports Quirmbach’s response as:

“I asked her about language that she proposed in her amendment,” Quirmbach told reporters after debate on the bill had concluded. “I wanted to know if she knew what the words meant. She apparently didn’t.”

From dmJuice: “[Sinclair’s] Republican colleagues rose to her defense, saying few laws would be passed in Iowa if legislators were required to fully comprehend every detail behind legislation.”