Legislative Update 4/18

The HF 215 conference committee seems to be finally working on their disagreements.

The Senate Democrats counteroffer is here and the House Republicans counteroffer here.  HT: @B_Wagoner

It’s hard to imagine that there isn’t more to the Senate counteroffer:  The version of HF 215 that passed the House includes provisions for home rule, changing homeschool reporting requirements, permitting parents to teach their own home school students how to drive, independent accreditation of private schools, and a requirement that teacher performance reviews include the use of student outcome measures (see this blog on HF 215 and amendments passed during the floor debate in the House).

Twitter is great for keeping up with what is going on with allowable growth numbers (2% + 2% for FY14, 4% for FY15), but not so great for the other details so far.