Legislative Update 5/2

Search terms indicate that there is an interest in whether the Iowa Legislature has passed the education bill and when Iowa will adopt the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

The education reform bill, HF 215, is still in conference committee.  I haven’t seen any further bill subcommittee meetings on the schedule but Kathie Obradavich reported the following on Twitter today:

So for now, the answer is that the education reform bill has not been passed and we’re still waiting to see if the conference committee can come to agreement on a bill.

The House version of HF 215 does contain a provision to adopt the Smarter Balanced Assessments but that provision was not included in the Senate version.  Reporting on the conference committee deliberations has focused more on the teacher evaluation provisions, so it isn’t clear to me where the conference committee stands on that.  If the Smarter Balanced Assessment are not adopted this session, I expect the DE will be raising the issue next year.