IRRC: Off to an Inauspicious Start

Michelle Hosp has been named director of the Iowa Reading Research Center.  She had been serving on the IRRC Advisory Board as an RtI (Response to Intervention) State Transformation Team Representative.

From the National Center on Response to Intervention:

Dr. Michelle Hosp is a Research Associate in the College of Education at the University of Iowa. She has a background in school psychology and special education. Her research is in the areas of assessment and reading. She has published articles, a book, and conducted workshops both at the state and national level on implementing Progress Monitoring within a Problem Solving framework.

From a quick search of GALE Academic OneFile at Iowa AEA Online:

And the book, (available at

  • The ABCs of CBM: A Practical Guide to Curriculum-Based Measurement (Practical Intervention in the Schools) [Paperback] Michelle K. Hosp PhD (Author), John L. Hosp PhD (Author), Kenneth W. Howell PhD (Author)

Earlier this month, Hosp made a presentation to the Iowa State Board of Education on Reducing the Achievement Gap.

The DE reports that Hosp will have the IRRC focus on three broad-based priorities:

  • identification of evidence-based practices in literacy
  • strengthen the partnership among a broad spectrum of education stakeholders across the state
  • expand its website

There is something vaguely depressing about the notion that a person “whose career has focused on literacy, instruction, interventions and assessments” would need to identify evidence-based practices in literacy.  One might like to think that such a person might already be up to speed on those evidence-based practices–if so, why not get right to spreading the word and designing the summer literacy program?

[Note: one easy place to get an overview of evidence-based reading instruction (just click on the link and read): Reading is Rocket Science by Louisa Moats.]

Also vaguely depressing?

Here’s what you get (for now) when you click on “effective reading instruction“:

IRRC eff reading copy

And this: (that would be onset and rime–not rhyme):

IRRC onset and rhyme copy

And this (click for a larger view):

IRRC phonics copy

Here’s hoping things start to look better soon.