An Un-Blogathon Challenge Issued . . .

and accepted!

An education blogger returning from a three week vacation from the internet during school board election campaign season seems as good a reason as any to try to post more often.  As Chris notes, “with the school board election just three weeks away: so much to blog, so little time!

What’s an un-blogathon?  Just an agreement that the three of us are going to try to post a lot (but not necessarily daily) starting tomorrow today and running through School Election Day (that’s Tuesday, September 10th this year).

Even if you have already voted early or are watching different school board elections than we are, please stop by to read blogathon posts here and at A Blog About School and Straight from the Desk.  Or find us on Twitter at @iowa_ed, @Chris_Liebig, and @jackhostager.


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