What to Expect From Director Buck?

I’ve already been asked what I think of Governor Branstad’s choice of new director for the Iowa Department of Education.

There isn’t much to go on, but this week on Twitter, Director Buck has provided us a little more evidence about what to expect from him:

I have been wondering more generally about the effect of top administrators being drawn largely from the ranks of junior high and high school teachers has on leadership in, for instance, early reading instruction at both the district-level and the DE.

Can we expect effective reading instruction to be the top priority of the DE under Director Buck’s leadership?  He has a lot on his plate already with teacher leadership changes, CBE, Iowa Core implementation, next-generation assessments, NCLB doomsday around the corner, and more.

Does he know enough about effective early reading instruction to evaluate and manage the efforts of the DE staff?  Does he know enough to gauge whether the Iowa Reading Research Center is headed in the right direction?

I hope so but it’s too soon to fairly say.  At this point, I’m still comfortable predicting more of the same.