Who Works For Whom?

Chris made a great point in a comment on the previous post: why ask superintendents what they think of their school boards rather than ask school boards what they think of their superintendents?  Who works for whom?

I’ve written previously on this blog about the utility of confusion or uncertainty about responsibility to parties who wish to escape accountability.  It is convenient for superintendents to blame school boards and school boards to blame superintendents–and for everyone to blame NCLB and consultants–when there is a failure to resolve issues or decisions that will be unpopular with someone are to be made.

Getting school board governance right is essential; school boards are entrusted with public money to provide educational programs and facilities to the school age children in our communities.  Iowa spends in excess of five billion dollars on public K-12 education each year; school boards have an obligation to their communities to ensure it is well spent.