Legislative Update 1/8

The Gazette reported earlier this week that at least some House Republicans are interested in eliminating the requirement that school districts use the Common Core standards and withdrawing Iowa from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

These arguments are apparently playing out in many states this year, with EdWeek reporting predictions that “[q]uestions about assessments are likely to dominate common-core legislation in 2014.”

EdWeek did not, however, identify Iowa as a potential hotspot on Common Core issues, and it isn’t easy to see this issue going further unless Senate Democrats are particularly interested and Governor Branstad has a change of heart.

It apparently bears repeating–as I had another person arrive here with the search term “when did Iowa adopt Smarter Balanced” (answer is still: hasn’t, yet)–that Iowa is in the unusual position of having the Iowa Assessments required by state law, and it will take legislative action to change to any other assessment for accountability purposes.