Legislative Update 1/23 [updated]

Update: HF 2044 and HF 2045 have been assigned to the House Education Committee, along with one last new bill filed late today:

HF 2055 by Riding (D-Polk), Landon (R-Polk), Abdul-Samad (D-Polk), Gaines (D-Polk), Gaskill (D-Wapello), Heartsill (R-Marion), Lensing (D-Johnson), Staed (D-Linn), Vander Linden (R-Mahaska), Muhlbauer (D-Crawford), Kearns (D-Lee), and Sheets (R-Appanoose) relating to Iowa’s public records Act and library records of a minor, which would allow a parent or guardian of a minor child to request the minor child’s library records.

There are two new bills in the House Education Committee, both by Heartsill (R-Marion):

  • HF 2037 requiring the department of education to convene a work group for streamlining the public school administration system in Iowa. The work group would review the public school administrative system in order to develop a comprehensive proposal to reduce paperwork, red tape, duplication, and bureaucracy to allow administrators to focus their efforts as instructional leaders on improving teaching and learning activities and outcomes, recommendations due by December 15, 2014.
  • HF 2038 relating to duties of the school finance formula review committee and including effective date provisions. The committee shall examine the potential for using electronic records to determine actual student attendance for purposes of school district funding, to be included in the committee report required to be submitted by January 1, 2015.

Also filed today, but not as yet assigned to committees are two education related bills, both by Kaufmann (R-Cedar):

  • HF 2044 relating to the maintenance and administration of epinephrine in schools and certain service providers regulated by the department of human services.
  • HF 2045 relating to Montessori programs, including practitioner preparation, licensing, and nontraditional preparation options.

There are six additional bills in the Senate Education Committee, of which the four new study bills have already been assigned to subcomittees:

  • SF 2029 by Bolkcom (D-Johnson) directing the state board of regents and the department of education to convene a commission to study financing strategies for the state’s public postsecondary institutions.
  • SF 2035 by Feenstra (R-Sioux) relating to teacher licensure of applicants from other states or countries by the board of educational examiners.
  • SSB 3045 proposed by College Student Aid Commission relating to programs and accounts administered by the college student aid commission.
  • SSB 3046 proposed by Department of Education relating to incentives for whole grade sharing and reorganization or dissolution by school districts.
  • SSB 3047 proposed by BOEE relating to school employees and the duties and responsibilities of the board of educational examiners, and providing penalties.
  • SSB 3048 proposed Committee on Education bill by Chairperson Quirmbach (D-Story) relating to required core curriculum and twenty-first century learning skills addressed in rules adopted by the state board of education. Moves social studies and adds music, visual art, drama and theater, and other fine and applied arts under the umbrella of twenty-first century skills required to be included in the core curriculum. The department is directed to employ a consultant to oversee development of and compliance with the fine arts core curriculum.