Legislative Update 2/3

Three more education bills were filed in the Iowa House today:

  • HF 2103 by Dolecheck (R-Ringgold) relating to supplementary weighting for shared operational functions of school districts and including effective date provisions.
  • HF 2104 by Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) and twenty-five co-sponsors relating to the determination of preschool budget enrollment for the statewide preschool program. This bill would change the preschool budget enrollment from fifty to sixty percent of the actual enrollment of eligible students.
  • HF 2105 by Staed (D-Linn) and eight co-sponsors relating to academic indicators for students. This bill would essentially expand high-stakes, standardized testing by adding writing and social studies to the list of core academic indicators that are currently limited to mathematics, reading, and science. Note that if passed, it seems to me that this bill would alter the charge of the Assessment Task Force right about the time it may be wrapping up its work or render the work of the task force moot before the recommendations are even published.

And just because I thought to look it up today, here are the bills StudentsFirst has registered in favor of:

  • HSB 515 to expand broadband access.
  • HSB 525 “Bully Free Iowa Act of 2014.”
  • SF 2016 requiring schools to post annual reports of bullying and harassment online.
  • SSB 3019 the DE technical corrections bill.
  • SSB 3030 on standards and programs for students identified as limited English proficient.
  • SSB 3031 on professional development services for elementary teachers to improve students’ literacy skills.
  • SSB 3119 to expand broadband access.