Legislative Update 2/4

A few more bills have been assigned to the Iowa House Education Committee:

  • HF 2119 by L. Miller (R-Scott) relating to certain costs under the statewide preschool program for four-year-old children. This bill would increase the percentage of preschool foundation aid allowed to be used for administration costs from five percent to ten percent for both the school district and the community-based provider.
  • HF 2126 by Highfill (R-Polk) relating to special education scholarships for children requiring special education attending a nonpublic school.
  • HJR 2003 by J. Smith (R-Dickinson) nullifying BOEE rules relating to prohibited conduct between licensees and former students. There must be a story behind this, but I can’t begin to guess what the objection is. The administrative rules bulletin indicates that the changes–to prohibit romantic or sexual relationships between licensees and former students for 90 days following the student’s last date of enrollment–were made to add an additional ethics violation specifically for students no longer enrolled in a school district.
  • HSB 592 proposed Committee on Education Bill by Chairperson Jorgensen (R-Woodbury) relating to core content standards, assessments, curricula relating to student academic progress, and to the collection of and access to student data. Among other things, this bill would direct the DE to initiate a process to take public comment on the core standards and hold public hearings. The bill specifies that it is the intent of the general assembly that creation and implementation of curriculum, textbooks, educational materials, and instructional methods remain with school districts and accredited nonpublic schools and not with the state or federal government. The bill would also direct the department to create data privacy and sharing policies, limit the types of student data that can be collected, and require changes in student data collections, other than those required by federal law, not be implemented until the changes have been reported in either the annual report or the director appears before the House and Senate Education Committees to make a report on the changes.
  • HSB 607 proposed Committee on Education bill by Chairperson Jorgensen (R-Woodbury) relating to requirements for the enactment of the state percent of growth, which would change the timing of the requirement to establish a state percent growth in even-numbered calendar years.

And a few more have been assigned to the Iowa Senate Education Committee:

  • SF 2096 by Petersen (D-Polk) relating to limited English proficient education.
  • SSB 3126 proposed Committee on Education bill by Chairperson Quirmbach (D-Story) establishing a legal aid attorney loan forgiveness program.
  • SSB 3149 proposed Committee on Education bill by Chairperson Quirmbach (D-Story) relating to state and school antiharassment and antibullying policies, establishing an office of harassment and bullying prevention and response, establishing a school climate improvement grant program, providing for training on harassment and bullying prevention and response, and making appropriations.