Legislative Update 3/4

A few education bills were debated in the Iowa Legislature today.

In the Senate:

SF 2286 passed [42-7] (successor to SSB 3048) by Committee on Education establishing a fine arts standards task force to review and make recommendations relating to the inclusion of dine arts in the statewide K-12 academic standards. [Note that SSB 3048 would have made music, visual art, drama and theater, and other fine and applied arts part of the core curriculum.]

SF 2262, as amended by S-5039 [adopted by voice vote] and S-5043 [adopted by voice vote], passed [35-14] by Committee on Education relating to radon testing in public schools. S-5039 struck radon mitigation requirements. S-5043 requires radon testing results be reported to the department of public health rather than the department of education.

In the House:

SF 2230 passed [98-0] by Salmon relating to technical corrections (initially proposed by the DE). Related bill HF 2179 withdrawn.

SF 2056, as amended by H-8062 [adopted by voice vote], passed [99-0] by Dolecheck relating to incentives for whole grade sharing and reorganization or dissolution by school districts. Related bill HF 2272 withdrawn.

Several more education bills are on the House tentative debate calendar:

HF 2388 (successor to HSB 654) relating to continuity of learning for children receiving foster care services.

HF 2389 (successor to HSB 659) relating to misconduct under the code of professional conduct and ethics of the BOEE.

HF 2409 (successor to HSB 525) the “Bully Free Iowa Act of 2014”.