Legislative Update 3/5

A few more education bills were debated in the Iowa House today:

HF 2388 (successor to HSB 654), as amended by H-8075 [adopted by voice vote], passed [99-0] by Committee on Education relating to continuity of learning for children receiving foster care services. H-8075 primarily changed a requirement that the AEAs employ a child welfare liaison to encouragement that they employ a child welfare liaison, and changed a reference to a two point on a four point scaled to a passing grade.

HF 2389 (successor to HSB 659) passed [99-0] by Committee on Education relating to misconduct under the code of professional conduct and ethics of the BOEE. This bill prohibits BOEE licensees from engaging in sexual conduct or romantic relationships with any individual who was a student within ninety days, if the licensee taught or supervised the individual in any school activity when the individual was a student.