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Kitchen Table Math today–a comment from Katharine Beals on Frederick Hess: Common Core tests were the fix for NCLB:

“But as with any new approach to teaching, the Common Core builds on the culture that’s already there.”


That’s why we should be using the Iowa Tests (ITBS)! They are tried and true and offer everything we need.

Has anyone made a coherent argument against using the ITBS as our common school accountability test?

Back to assessment task force blogging tomorrow.


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  1. Matt Townsley

    One obvious argument is that the Iowa Assessments in their current form are not well aligned (and arguably were not designed to be well aligned) with our state’s math and ELA standards.

    I have enjoyed reading your ATF posts so far and look forward to more this week. Are you able to elaborate on the process that led to you being included as a parent on the task force? I think it could be helpful for other parents who may be interested in similar future involvement.

  2. Karen W Post author

    Thanks, Matt.

    I think that it probably comes down to who you know and who else is interested. At the local level my sense is that it helps to be a PTO/DPO president.

    In my case, I have been attending public events to talk to legislators in person about various education issues over the last four or five years, in addition to writing e-mails to them about specific issues. When the task force was being formed, I let a few legislators know that I was interested in serving and they were willing to forward my name based on previous interactions they had had with me–which I very much appreciate, by the way. I can only guess that in this instance there were no other parent volunteers, or at least none that were better connected!

    In other words, some combination of lucky circumstances, being known, and expressing interest. I should note that I have had no success being appointed to anything at the local level and have no expectation that I would be invited to participate in another statewide task force/committee–so I can’t offer any surefire advice for getting invited to the table as a parent!

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