Legislative Update 1/3

The list of prefiled bills in the Iowa Legislature has grown to forty-one.

The BOEE has prefiled a proposed bill relating to transitional coaching authorizations.

The DE has prefiled three additional proposed bills. One bill would establish an Iowa principal leadership institute advisory council. One bill would modify reporting requirements relating to veterans attending postsecondary educational institutions. One bill would make districts receiving teacher leadership supplemental aid payments ineligible to also receive payments under the beginning teacher mentoring and induction program.

Senator Johnson (R-Osceola) has also prefiled bills relating to education. One bill would modify the uses of dropout prevention funding to include harassment and bullying as a specified characteristic to define “potential dropout” and to include harassment and bullying prevention programs, training,and initiatives as an appropriate use of dropout prevention funds. One bill would authorize the executive director of the BOEE to waive subject assessment requirements for teacher licensure for a period of time not more than two years for otherwise qualified applicants for licensure. One bill would maintain the current limitations on the number of students permitted to be enrolled in online schools and the limitation of open enrollment for online schools to the CAM and Clayton Ridge community school districts by striking the automatic repeal subparagraph, which would otherwise repeal the limitations on July 1, 2015.