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froggiemama on inadequate IT support in schools at Kitchen Table Math:

I am now on my district technology committee, and one of the things I have learned is how underresouced IT is. And we are a reasonably wealthy district. There are only a couple of people in IT who deal with the hundreds of computers in 5 schools, plus the central office machines. They simply do not have anyone available to help the teachers “infuse technology”. The result is (and this came up a lot when the committee met) is that they have a perfectly good LMS that only a small number of teachers use. And the ones who do use it set their sites up very badly, because no one has shown them how to effectively organize a course site in the LMS. There is no budget for training, either. I suspect this underlies the decision to just “let teachers innovate”. That is code for “we have no budget for training and none of the IT people are available to help out”.

Jean on IT support in schools at Kitchen Table Math:

Oh, yeah. My dad does IT for schools–well, actually he retired, and the guy they hired to replace him promptly bombed, so they begged him to come back part-time. I guess admins (people in general really) have a tendency to think that things will just work. Computers are magic you know.

Miller Smith on inadequate IT support in schools at Joanne Jacobs:

I would love technology for all of my students as we could speed up the content coverage and submit work easier. Problem is when the school system buys technology, there is no repair or maintenance budget. We then go into a death spiral with the technology as each piece breaks down never to be repaired or replaced and technology slowly becomes useless in a few months.
Our teacher desktops can’t even be updated without the IT people doing it one computer at a time. We can’t even load textbook software on teacher computers without a visit from an IT pro and there is only one per every 4 schools they travel to.
I now have 14 useless computers (new three years ago), a dead DLP 3D ready projector hanging from the ceiling, all LabProbe devices and sensors dead due to dead computers, dead printers that we are told to throw away when the ink cartrages run out as we have no money for new ink…..
So when I hear of teachers being afraid of technology, I usually discover that technology was just dropped on them out of the blue, no training of sufficient time of length on how to use in the class room, and no tech support to make sure the stuff actually is running and in good repair. And then the upper admin acts so CONFUSED that teachers are not happy with the technology. – See more at:


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  1. juliecache

    I served on my district’s one to one investigation committee, blogged a little about it, too. I understand needing twenty-first century skills, but I do not understand using them if they create more problems. For example, you can learn word processing by creating a writing assignment. But how do you turn it in? Does that solution create more work? Paper is always good in my book. (ha!)

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