Legislative Update 3/14: First Funnel Survivors [updated]

Update: The Gazette list is just a partial one. Additional education bills survived the first funnel, including both SF 429 and HF 446 that keep the statewide assessment issue alive, previously blogged about here. The Iowa House Republican newsletter has a list of House education bills (which includes bills that The Gazette did not list) that survived first funnel organized into categories here.

The first funnel deadline was last Friday, and The Gazette has a partial list of bills that lived and died. Below I have pulled some of the bills that are education or education-related bills:

  • SF 60: broadband expansion bill.
  • SF 345: antiharassment/antibullying bill (successor to SSB 1044).
  • HF 307: start date bill which would set the earliest day of classes at August 23rd (successor to HF 13). Amendment H-1007, which would make the Thursday and Friday of the high school state wrestling tournament a school holiday not counted as instructional time, has been filed by Jacoby (D-Johnson).
  • SF 227: local control start date bill (successor to SSB 1058).
  • HF 549: a bill to change collective bargaining arbitration proceedings involving teachers employed by school districts and AEAs (successor to HSB 204).
  • SF 473: a bill relating to the state preschool program for four-year-old children (successor to SSB 1101 and SF 246).
  • HF 6: a bill expanding the criminal offense of sexual exploitation by a school employee to include an individual employed by a school district, including a full-time, part-time, substitute, or contract employee. Amendment H-1023, by the Committee on Judiciary, would also add volunteers and contract employees of school districts with significant contact with students but would exclude students enrolled in the district. The amendment would also exclude from the definition of “school employee” a person who would otherwise meet the definition under (b)-(e) (coaching authorization, non-teacher employees, volunteers, or other contract employees) if they are less than four years older than the student with whom the person engaged in prohibited conduct and the person is not in a position of direct authority over the student.
  • SF 181: a bill to allow police officers to qualify as classroom driver education instructors (successor to SSB 1003).
  • HF 271/SF 431: a bill to add fine arts to the Iowa Core (SF 431 is successor to SSB 1234). The fiscal note for SF 431 estimates that it will cost $115,000 annually to add a fine arts consultant at the DE.
  • HF 204: a bill to continue the open enrollment exception for purposes of enrolling in CAM or Clayton Ridge school districts for participating in online learning programs and adding requirements for those school districts (successor to HF 97).
  • HF 582: a bill to replace the terms “core curriculum”, “Iowa core curriculum”, and Iowa common core with the term “Iowa academic standards” and to require the DE to establish data collection, data privacy, and data sharing policy for student data collected by the DE, school districts, and accredited nonpublic schools (successor to HSB 173).