Smarter Balanced I’m Ready

The Senate Education Committee and the House Education Committee were (mostly) all about assessments this afternoon.

Luci Willits, Deputy Executive Director of SBAC and Catherine Welch, Director of the ITP’s statewide testing programs were on the agenda for the Senate Education Committee and Assessment Task Force members Jo Ellen Latham, Mark Lane, and Jon McKenzie were on the agenda for the House Education Committee.

The second funnel deadline is one week from Friday (bills must be passed in one chamber and out of committee in the other chamber) so if either or both chambers intend to take action on assessments during this session, we should be seeing amendments being filed and HF 446 and/or SF 429* on tentative debate calendars very soon. Representative Forristall asked about the effect of a delay on choosing a new statewide assessments last week, so there is some possibility that action will be delayed until the 2016 session.

While we wait, here’s a video shared by @smarterbalanced this afternoon:

*HT: Shane Vander Hart at Iowa RestorEd, who noticed what I managed not to notice in all of the times I have looked for amendments or other action on SF 429: the language from SSB 1239 adopting the Smarter Balanced assessments was removed from this bill, which would now simply strike the new assessment requirements currently set to take effect for the 2016-2017 school year and the language creating the Assessment Task Force.