Smarter Balanced Assessments 36

Nevada has also experienced technical issues with the Smarter Balanced assessments, and EdWeek reports that the state superintendent of public instruction, Dale Erquiaga, has now determined that SBAC and Measured Progress are in “breach of contract” for having “failed to deliver upon existing state contracts to guarantee reliable tests.”

“The system clearly cannot handle the full extent of our student population,” Erquiaga stated, in reference to the breakdowns so far.

Nevada may seek monetary damages or to terminate contracts with both SBAC and Measured Progress.

There is more SBAC-related unhappiness in California as, EdWeek reports, Pearson is challenging the process used to award Educational Testing Service a three year contract to administer the Smarter Balanced assessments. “Pearson claims the process was skewed in favor of the ETS” and “has accused reviewers of missteps that include sloppy scoring and improperly discarding records of their deliberations.”

The lesson for Iowa being, I suppose, to not only choose the vendor carefully, but to be very careful to be absolutely fair and follow all the rules during the selection process.