New Administrative Rules Site

A new Iowa Administrative Rules website was launched today.

The website explains the administrative rulemaking process, including an explanation of the petition for rulemaking process which allows “any interested person to request that an agency adopt, amend or repeal a rule.”

The website provides an opportunity for viewing and commenting on noticed (proposed) rules prior to adoption, which should be more convenient than following or searching multiple agency websites to look for noticed rules.  In my experience, public comments (or lack thereof) are noted and noticed rules are sometimes changed prior to adoption based on public comments received. In other words, it may be worthwhile to comment on noticed rules.

The website also provides a Frequently Asked Questions page and a list of state government organizations, including links to the websites, agency chapters, and agency rules. These last two links should make finding rules easier. Here’s the Department of Education organization overview page. If the DE had any Notices of Intended Action (noticed or proposed rules open for comment), they would be listed on the left side of the page (where it currently reads “No Publications Found”).

I’ve added links to the open notices and DE pages near the top of the right sidebar under Admin Rulemaking, and a link to the website home page (Iowa Administrative Rules) under Iowa Government.