SSA Reference Numbers

I occasionally find myself trying to find dollar figures for SSA, as SSA is frequently reported in percentages that can’t easily be compared to other budget item spending. For future reference, here are dollar figures for various SSA percentages for FY 2017 from the Legislative Services Agency by way of @IAHouseGOP:

ADDED: Per student calculation based on 2015-16 K-12 enrollment of 480,062 and rounded to the nearest dollar amount.

  • 1%        — $40.9 million     [$85 per student]
  • 2%        — $83.1 million     [$173 per student]
  • 2.45%* — $102.1 million  [$213 per student]
  • 3%        — $125 million      [$260 per student]
  • 4%        — $168.1 million   [$350 per student]

*SSA percentage suggested by Governor Branstad last year. He has since backed away from this number.


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