One-stop Shopping for the 2016 ICCSD School Board Special Election


Tom Yates created a vacancy on the ICCSD School Board when he resigned on Friday, May 13, 2016. The District has posted notice of the vacancy and a vacancy timeline, which includes important dates for filling the vacancy by appointment or special election.

[Appointment process information moved to the end of the post.]

UPDATE: The vacancy will be filled by special election to be held Tuesday, July 19th.

Due to the short time frame for a special election, I am setting up this post to use as a collection point for information about the possible July 2016 school board special election. I will continue to add information here as it becomes available. If you see that I have missed something, as surely I will, please suggest additional links in the comments or by Twitter.


Follow @jcauditor on Twitter for updates throughout election day. Turnout by precinct will be posted here for turnout through 9 am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm. Results will be posted here starting after polls close at 8 pm on election day, as returns are become available. Preliminary results in spreadsheet form are here.

  • As of the end of early voting–Monday, July 18th–the Johnson County Auditor reports 1,457 ballots requested, 1,391 returned. If you still have yours, return it to the Auditor’s Office tomorrow; it’s too late to get it postmarked. There were 737 absentee ballots cast in the September 8, 2015 regular school board election, with a total of 7,297 voters (10.5% voter turnout).
  • 9 am voter turnout, at 389, down approximately 250 from ICCSD regular school board election in September 2015. [0.58% of registered voters have voted so far this morning.]
  • 11 am voter turnout, at 935, down approximately 350 from ICCSD regular school board election in September 2015. [1.40% of registered voters have voted so far this morning.]
  • 3 pm voter turnout, at 1999, down approximately 900 from ICCSD regular school board election in September 2015. [3 % of registered voters have voted so far today. IC08 (Helen Lemme) has a 7.26 % voter turnout so far today, with other precincts turnout between 1.48 % at IC06 (Mark Twain) to 4.08 % at IC09 (Hills).]
  • 6 pm voter turnout, at 3318, down approximately 1700 votes from the ICCSD regular school board election in September 2015. [4.98 % of registered voters have voted so far today.]

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Paul Roesler is the new school board member. 8.64% of registered voters turned out to cast votes in this election, falling short of the 10.5% turnout in the regular school board election in September 2015. Claussen picked up two additional votes when the Absentee Board considered provisional ballots on Thursday. These votes are reflected in updated numbers below (numbers that changed since Tuesday in red):

Results2016 updated


Results will be official with the canvass on Tuesday, July 26th. John Deeth crunches the numbers here.


Affidavit of candidacy, nomination petition, and other information about running for ICCSD school board are available here. Candidates will need at least 50 signatures. The filing period begins Monday, June 13th and ends at 5 pm on Friday, June 24th. Early voting will begin the week of July 4th Tuesday, July 5th at the Auditor’s office.


  • The Johnson County Auditor’s Office, weekdays between 7:45 am and 5:30 pm beginning Tuesday, July 5th and ending Monday, July 18th.
  • Coralville Public Library, Sunday, July 17th from noon to 4 pm.
  • Iowa City Public Library, Sunday, July 17th from noon to 5 pm.


  • Friday, July 8th: voter pre-registration deadline.
  • Friday, July 15th: deadline to request mailed absentee ballot.
  • Monday, July 18th: last day to vote early in-person at the auditor’s office.

Polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, July 19th. Your school polling place is likely to be different than your regular polling place. Find your school polling place here.





Candidate forum videos will be posted by City Channel 4 here, as they are made available.





Candidate contact information (addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail) are now posted at the Johnson County Auditor website.


Other Committees



APPOINTMENT PROCESS INFORMATION (previously near top of the post)

Applications to fill the vacancy by appointment are being taken by the District until 4 pm on Wednesday, June 1st. The applications for appointment will be considered at a special board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 7th. So far, only two applicants have been publicly announced: Jp Claussen and Paul Roesler. As of May 31st, tThere are now four  a total of six seven applicants:

If appointed, the appointee would hold the seat until the next scheduled school board election (likely the September 2017 regular school board election–Iowa Code 279.6(1)(a) and 69.12) or possibly only until the general election in November 2016.

The vacancy could also be filled by special election if either (1) a majority of the school board directors cannot agree upon an appointee by June 12th or (2) a valid petition to call for a special election is submitted, with at least 2,190 signatures, by 4 pm Thursday, June 2nd. If a special election is required, it could be held Tuesday, July 12th or July 19th. The Director elected would serve the remainder of Yates’ term (until the September 2019 regular school board election–Iowa Code 279.7).


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  1. Anon

    Related to the upcoming special election: the issue of the boundary is too important to be decided by one vote, or a simple majority vote. I understand that is how the board operates. However, a vote of 4-3, in either direction, signals a great divide in the community. We need to work on that divide rather than throwing the one vote to the other side and impose the “winning” side’s “solution” on the “losing” side. Let’s be honest: the only losing party is the children in this meaningless tug of war!

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