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A Few Links

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Save Hoover is preparing for the 2015 ICCSD school board election.

Smarter Balanced Assessments

Matt Townsley on implications for Iowa school leaders if the Iowa Legislature adopts the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

From EdWeek: Michigan plans to blend state generated test items with Smarter Balanced Assessments items.

From EdWeek: Washington State Universities Will Use Smarter Balanced Test Scores for Placement.

From EdWeek: SBAC challenged as an “illegal interstate compact” in Missouri, challengers win a temporary restraining order to stop SBAC membership payments.

Common Core Assessments

Peter Greene on common core assessments: “when reformsters say that test results tell us how students are doing on these standards, they are big lying liars who lie large lies.”


Andrew Campbell on Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Technology In The Classroom.

Palisadesk commenting at Joanne Jacobs’ post All teachers are not the same:

I’m pretty fast and efficient at a lot of the paperwork but it doesn’t do itself. Ironically, instead of tech tools making it easier to do, they have just multiplied the number of “accountability” and assessment and reporting obligations to a prodigious extent, so that instead of spending less time, we are spending exponentially more on tasks that have marginal relationship to teaching students and helping them learn.

@stepfordTO at Parenting is Political on The Debate about Digital Literacy: Moral Panics, Contradictions and Assumptions.

From EdWeek: Federal Study Probes Readiness of 4th Graders for Computer-Based Writing Tests.

From EdWeek: FBI Seizes Records of Los Angeles District’s Massive iPad Purchase.

School Policing

From EdWeek: Obama Order May Result in More Training for School Police Who Get Military Gear. EdWeek had more details about the military surplus program in September, reporting that:

Surplus equipment provided to police in districts as large as the 654,000-student Los Angeles school system includes M-14 and M-16 rifles, extended magazines, automatic pistols, armored plating, tactical vests, SWAT gear, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles, and grenade launchers, which are used by police agencies to deploy tear gas and smoke in crowd-control situations.


From The Gazette: Branstad expects a ‘challenging’ state budget cycle.

[N]early $500 million in built-in and anticipated spending increases could drive net state appropriations to $7.43 billion in fiscal 2016. That figure does not include new money in state aid for K-12 school beyond teacher upgrades under education reform commitments or increased compensation for state employees.

From the Iowa DE: Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation system is expected to have an annual cost of $150 million when all districts are participating.