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EdCampIowa 2016

Registration is open for EdCampIowa, scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2016 in five locations around the state: Epworth, Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake, Council Bluffs, and Ames.

Students, parents, board members, policymakers, and community members are invited to attend. Registration is free.


Business Education Summit

The Greater Des Moines Partnership is co-hosting the second annual Business Summit for Education Excellence this afternoon.

The purpose of the Summit is to create a strong and united business voice from across Iowa and to take a leadership role in advocating for transformative reform in education. The summit will feature national and local experts who have successfully created business coalitions that are achieving results through improved education systems.

Attendees are being referred to this Achieve website which includes an Iowa specific page.

Follow along at Twitter hashtag #iaedsummit.

I am not excited about Iowa education policy being driven by the narrow focus of public education as a means to economic development. Children are much more than future employees and there are lots of really interesting things worth learning even if no one will ever pay you a single penny to know them.

So far, speakers have defended the Common Core and pushed for new tests.

I just want to comment generally that I find the following notions unpersuasive: that the authors of the Common Core have found the exact combination of knowledge and skills to guarantee success to be unpersuasive; that a non-Common Core education would necessarily result in failure; and that bubble-tests are incapable of assessing college readiness (see the ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE).

Note also the talking points encouraging the acceptance of paying more for assessments that result in lower scores for Iowa students: